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Advanced Ayurvedic Acne Treatment



    A 100% natural hand-made herbs and lentils mix to regulate the excessive flow of sebum and fight stubborn acne. It soothes sebum producing glands and heals the skin, while flushing out excess oil from clogged pores and prevents them from getting enlarged. 


    Make a thick paste of 1-2 tsp of pimple pack with water and add 1/2 tsp of curd and 1/4 tsp of lemon juice. Set aside for 15 minutes to soak. Apply on face especially on live pimples / acne. Rinse with water when it just begins to dry.


    • Majuphal (quercus infectoria) 11%
    • Narangi twak (citrus aurantium) 10%
    • Lodhra (symplocos racemosus) 10%
    • Sunthi (gingiber officinalis) 10%
    • Triphala (amla
    • Hadad, baheda) 3%
    • Nimba patra* (azadirachta indica) leaves 3%
    • Jatiphal (myristica fragrans) 3%
    • Arjuna (terminalia arjuna) 2%
    • Sweta chandana (santalum album) powder 3%
    • Kachur (curcuma zedoaria) 1%
    • Haridra (curcuma longa) 2%
    • Arishtaka (sapindus trifoliatus) 1%
    • Darrim (punica granatum) rind 1%
    • Lentils and indian volcanic clay.

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