ATHVA means “either/ or'' in Hindi and is stated as a way of providing an alternative. Our endeavours in curating ayurveda beauty are rooted in building a holistic, sustainable and ethical platform for beauty products. 

Our Story

We believe in clean beauty with our whole heart, and instead of designing our own convenient definition of ‘clean beauty’, we work with brands to curate products that minimize all harmful chemicals in their products, not just eliminate a few synthetic ingredients. 
We are proud to partner with brands that deliver effective results made with the highest quality ingredients.  All our products are cruelty-free, ethically sourced and non-toxic. 
How is this magic possible, you ask? Welcome to the world of plant-based nourishment via Ayurveda. Read on to learn more about this ancient wellness science.

Ayurveda Beauty

Ayurveda is first and foremost an inclusive and judgment-free approach to beauty. It teaches us to embrace our natural self, understand our body’s unique needs and treat it with kindness. 
By approaching beauty through the lens of wellness and mindfulness, ayurveda maximizes focus on lifestyle changes that create long-term benefits for your skin, body, hair and mind. 
It is centered around wellness rituals that have been created over centuries of learning to create effective, safe and proven natural formulations.

Get to know us!

We are a small, women-led business committed to creating an inclusive, conscious and honest shopping experience! We love to hear from our friends in the clean beauty community and hope to connect beauty enthusiasts with products that are good for your skin, body and the planet. 

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