Rose — Beauty benefits for your skin

Roses are an all-in-one beauty solution

Anti-inflammatory Agent 

Rose is the perfect antidote for aggravated skin. It calms redness, reduces inflammation and even heals scars. It can be used as an effective astringent for oily or acne prone skin. Rose mists are ideal for keeping your skin fresh and reducing build up. Try Junaili’s rose mist, made with wild mountain roses from India’s Himalayan foothills. 

Glow Booster 

Rose extract can be used to boost your skin's natural glow — Rosehip seed oil is an excellent moisturizer and hydrates your skin cells with essential fatty acids and Vitamin-C. Incorporating a rose based oil into your beauty routine is a great way of providing natural glow.

Anti-ageing benefits

Rosehip oil is an excellent firming agent, contributing to cell regeneration and reparation. It reduces fine lines, scars and improves skin elasticity. If you are looking to kickstart your anti-ageing treatment with natural ingredients, opt for rosehip seed oil for preventative benefits. 

Learn to use 

Rose is an effective beauty ingredient when used correctly. You can use it as a rose mist, in a bathing bar, body lotion or face oil. Assess your skin’s needs and we’re pretty sure that rose will fit the bill.