K.I.S.S — Keep it smooth, stupid.

Top 5 ayurvedic ways to keep your lips smooth and healthy.



Care for dry lips by exfoliating with granulated sugar. This gently removes rough, dead skin and softens the lips. 



For a homemade balm that will hydrate lips, mix ghee with honey, a natural anti-bacterial that repairs and protects your skin from dryness, cold weather and chemical-heavy products.



The enzymes in honey also help to brighten lips and rejuvenate their lush pink color. Use honey as a hydrating agent that nourishes and improves your natural lip color. 


Chemical-free care

Opt for clean, ayurvedic lip balms instead of chemically engineered products that actually dry your lips out in the long run. The Sadhev herbal lip balm made with beetroot and coconut oil is perfect for a little color and care on the go. 


Food and lifestyle

Your diet can play an important role in how well your organs and skin process nutrients. For dry skin and lips, supplement your diet with healthy fats, omega 3 and high quality oils.