How to clean your kansa wand

Crafted with a unique bronze alloy and wood, the Kansa Wand needs a little love and attention so you can keep your skin clear of bacteria and build-up.

Once you receive your kansa wand, we recommend rinsing it under water with a gentle soap that is preferably chemical-free. This will remove the manufacturing residue and clean the kansa wand for your first use.

Once you have started using the kansa wand, we recommend cleaning it after every use with tea tree oil and a soft cloth. This will ensure that any bacteria or dirt that collects on the surface of the tool will not be transferred to your skin pores. 

Keeping your kansa wand clean will not only improve the life of the tool, but also benefit your skin in getting the best results from every use. 

Periodically, you can also use Fuller’s Clay to clear any residue or grime from the wand.