Hair Oiling: An underrated self-care ritual to boost hair health

We can’t believe hair oiling hasn’t caught on yet. It’s simple, straightforward and 100% natural.

Hair-oiling is one of the most common ayurveda routines in Indian households, but is yet to acquire the cult status it deserves with beauty insiders. It is the easiest ritual to kickstart your ayurvedic beauty journey, and helps to introduce abhyanga and oil into your routine. It requires only a natural oil, often coconut or sesame, that is lovingly applied to the scalp and massaged thoroughly. We recommend that you wash your hair an hour after the application. It is also a welcome act of self-care, accessible to nearly everyone — You can do it at home, while spending time with yourself and addressing your body’s unique needs. Hair oiling is an affordable hair treatment and a little product goes a long way.


The simple act of oiling your hair with a potent blend of natural oils can treat all types of concerns, from split ends to dandruff and everything in between. There are special blends of oils that are formulated for each type of concern. One of our best-sellers, the ‘Bhringraj’ is an Indian plant ingredient that is revered for its benefits, ranging from reducing hair fall to promoting thick, lustrous hair. Other blends include brahmi, hibiscus, almond and  gooseberry. 


Weekly hair massage can reduce hair fall, promote the growth of strong follicles and even curb premature greying. Oiling also supports the nourishment of the scalp by providing it with vitamins and essential fatty acids. Oils from coconut, olives, almonds and sesame can enhance your hair with vitamin-E, omega-6 and oleic acid among others.


Even if you have normal, healthy hair, oiling gives it a boost of deep conditioning and softens your hair, making it glossy and rich.


Here’s a quick guide on how to choose your first hair oil according to your hair type and concerns: (Link to products)


  • Reduce hair fall and thinning, promote hair growth and boost hair health - Bhringraj Oil
  • Improve hair quality and strength - Coconut Oil
  • Repair hair and reduce anti-ageing/ premature greying - Almond Oil
  • Increase thickness, volume and deeply nourish - Brahmi Oil


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